Role plays prepare DECA students for state competitions

With their DECA state competition approaching in December, vice presidents are preparing students by practicing role plays to aid in preparation for the competition.

“There are six vice presidents, and each of us have separate roles within our board, but for preparation for our competition we all judge, we all organize the pamphlets which have performance indicators,” junior vice president Minhyo Kang said. “We just help organize it, so it makes the members experience it much easier and much more stress-free.”

The vice presidents, juniors Minhyo Kang, Melanie Sequeira, Austen Zhu, AnnMarie Moolenaar, Afua Ofori-Darko, and Diana Camacho, all head a certain area and are in charge of training members to compete.

“Role plays prepare us for our state level competition held at SVSU in December,” Kang said. “They open our members to what they’re going to experience at the actual competition, and it allows you to create a better business mindset, and improve communication with peers.”

Kang believes DECA is a diverse club that offers possibilities to many different types of students.

“We have principle events which ranges from Hospitality and Tourism and then it goes into Team events like Business Management, Sports and Entertainment, Finance, and then it goes down to Individual Events such as Hotel and Logic, or Restaurant Management, or Apparel and Accessories,” Kang said. “We have a lot of different categories you can go into. If you have something in mind, there’s a probability we can provide it for the members.”

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