Nehemiah Mork striving to be the best

A swimmer for almost a decade, a multi-hour trainer, impressive times, and a Division One prospect, junior Nehemiah Mork is arguably the best swimmer on the DHS Boys Swim team.

Mork’s favorite event is the 100 fly; however, his strong suit for the swim team lies within the 50 or 100 free.

Like any other top athlete, Mork will use his strengths to accomplish the challenging goals he has for the upcoming DHS swim season.

“My personal goals are to break about four school records and win one or two state titles,” said Mork.

He also wishes to help the team place top four in the state. With his persistent work ethic and the time he puts into daily training, his goals are not out of reach.

Mork also strives to swim at the Divison One collegiate level in the future. Although he is only a junior, he is already looking at schools such as University of Michigan and Michigan State.

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By Maya Piper


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