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Many math classes are now offered online at DHS as an opportunity to fit in students’ schedules better, as well as providing a new form of learning. Senior Katie Pacholke is one of the many students participating in this new learning forum. After being in the class for almost a semester, Pacholke is still getting adjusted to the educational environment of the online class, because there are many major differences. In her opinion, one of the best things about the class is being able to complete her assignments on her own time without having certain due dates to turn in things, which is convenient and works well for her. Other differences include that there isn’t required homework every night and the class is first hour, so the absences don’t count and she is able to sleep in. Her classes are based on participation rather than the usual attendance in a normal classroom.

Pacholke does face some challenges without the traditional classroom, such as having to email her teacher and receive an explanation from the teacher over email rather than in person. Without the face to face interaction, Pacholke admits she does sometimes have some difficulties understanding certain lessons.

“I think it is just as effective as a normal class,” Pacholke said. “I have to listen to lectures and take notes just like in a normal classrom to be ready for quizzes and tests.”

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By: Audrey Wright

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