Operating Millage Renewal Successfully Passes

The Operating Millage Renewal was renewed by Midland voters on Nov. 4. This millage will keep expenditures the same for Midland Public Schools and keep schools operating at the same pace.

“We are very pleased to have the passing of the millage renewal,” DHS principal Pam Kastl said. “We are so grateful to have such strong community support for the students in Midland Public Schools.”

In the days leading up to Election Day, the community was continuously reminded of the upcoming millage. Posters were placed around schools informing staff, students, and parents. Information was also displayed on the MPS website detailing the components of the millage as well as in the superintendent’s weekly communique.

Fears of further budget cuts due to lack of funds have abated for now. The next goal of the MPS board is to pass a new bond in February to cover costs of school renovations including the currently empty Central Middle School. Two boards outside the main office in DHS explain the proposed changes that would occur in the building.

For more information on the upcoming bond proposal, head to the Midland Public Schools website to look at all the proposed changes in every MPS school building:


By: Mary Noble

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