Terrorists Strike in Canada

Terror 18, a group of jihadists, incited a great fear into the Canadian people last week. Angered that they had been marked as dangerous travelers by both Canadian and American authorities and therefore could not travel to Syria to join the cause of ISIS, the radical men decided to take action in Canada.

The attacks started when a Canadian soldier was killed in a hit and run while he was guarding a Veterans support center. The suspect, a radicalized, young Canadian, was tracked and killed in a shootout with the police. Later, another Canadian guardsman was killed near the National War Memorial.

The perpetrator of this murder later went to the Canadian Parliament, where he had hopes to kill Canadian leaders and behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Upon arrival, he engaged in a gun battle with military police and was eventually killed before he could take any more lives.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Channel, Harper said these attacks were aimed at “[Canadian] values, society, and [Canadians] as a free and democratic people who embrace human dignity for all”.

The attacks also prompted a new resolution in the American National Security Council, which hopes to prevent future attacks. In the aftermath, Western political and intelligence leaders have insisted that these incidents serve as a reminder of the risk the brave men and women who protect our boarders take and that we should always appreciate their heroic service.

To read more, reference http://www.torontosun.com/2014/10/22/canada-under-attack-by-homegrown-terrorists

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