Launching into Physics

On Oct. 16 the IB/AP Physics class began a lab involving small rockets. Rockets are relevant to physics because they involved the range equation, defined as the initial velocity squared multiplied by sin of two theta divided by two multiplied by the gravity constant.

So how did rockets tie in? The rockets relate to the physics curriculum by how they are launched. When rockets are launched in the air they are fighting gravity an increasing altitude. The class could easily measure the initial velocity as the rocket flies up in to the sky, because with the rocket flying into the air, gravity is allowed to be involved in the equation. Senior Armin Vallazza-Margl reflected on the lab they conducted.

“My favorite part was shooting the rockets off,” Vallazza-Margl said. “Seeing who could shoot there rocket the farthest and just the joy of having the opportunity to mess around with rockets.”

The lab was a success. It was even suggested that some students tried launching the rockets and catching them. Vallazza-Margl suggested that the lab was very intriguing because he had the chance to work with rockets. He then commented on the community in his physics class.

“The best part of the class is the awesome teacher [Thomas McNamara],” Vallazza-Margl said. “The relaxed environment in that class makes you feel like you’re one big family.”

By: Ben Vergo

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Ben Vergo

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