Developing Drama at DHS

With no time to waste, auditions for the exciting play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory began. Usually, the DHS fall plays are less known with a smaller cast. However, this year there are approximately 34 people involved in the play, a new director, and they are involving things that they have never done before in a production. Junior Aidan Saggers is involved in the production and commented on some differences in the play.

“We will be eating food onstage, there are middle schoolers in the production, and it’s something that Dow High has never done before,” Saggers said.

Middle school students were not the only people added to the drama program. The director of this production is Jeffrey Hayes, who has been a manager at Central Middle School for several years, which is where the production will take place. While helping at an International Thespian Society meeting, Hayes commented on the production.

“We want to do something people haven’t already seen,” Hayes said. “These changes will directly affect those attending because of the different dynamics and entertainment they will be experiencing.”

Attend the production Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which will be showing Nov. 20-22. at 7:00PM and also Nov. 23. at 3:00. Come to see the changes and developments DHS drama has put into their production to better suit their viewers.

(For information on the Central Auditorium and Jeffrey Hayes go to the website above)

By Brinli Leonhardt

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Brinli Leonhardt

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