Pumpkin Patch Palooza will be held Oct. 5 for X-treeme youth group

The X-treeme youth group from Midland Evangelical Free Church consists of students in grades 9-12, mainly from DHS, MHS, and Bullock Creek. X-treeme hosts events that bring high school students together in youth ministry.

X-treeme offers outreach functions such as a color chaos event that kicked off the school year. Youth group members played games like paint Twister and paint dodgeball.

Senior Campbell Bortel is quite involved with X-treeme and also attends Midland Evangelical Free Church. However, not only those who go to the church can be involved with the youth group.

“Anyone can go to it,” Bortel said. “I know a bunch of people who hang out in our youth group because they have friends in our youth group, or people that’ll come because they really like the events.”

Other than the big events, X-treeme participants do in-depth Bible studies and discussion. Bortel said a typical night for the youth group involves a larger group in which the leader shares a lesson. Afterwards, everyone goes into “team time” and breaks down the main lesson and questions relating to it.

Senior Christi Wohlford has also attended the youth group’s gatherings. Wohlford said that the youth group involves a game and discussing the Bible. She also shared that it always involves food.

The next outing planned for X-treeme is the Pumpkin Patch Palooza which will take place on Oct. 5 at Grandma’s Pumpkin Patch at 6:00 p.m. Activities will include going through the corn maze as a group and going on the hay ride. Any high school student is welcome to attend.

More information about X-treeme can be found at the youth group’s website: http://www.xtreememefc.org/

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