The last day

The day I’ve been dreaming of for four years now, is finally here. Tomorrow I shall face my very last day as a high school student.  While I feel extremely ready to be done; I know that there are many things I’m simply not ready to be rid of.

I’m not ready to miss seeing all the people that I’ve come to know; all of those acquaintances that I wave to in the halls, but don’t really hang out with. Those people are a part of my everyday life and it’s going to be rough to not see them every day.

I’m not ready to leave behind all of my favorite underclassmen. Those who make me remember how carefree I used to be; before I became stressed and inflicted with the many activities of my busy life.

I’m not ready to part from my good friends, traveling forward in a separate path from them.  Mostly because I’m terrible at keeping in touch due to the fact that I swarm my life with a multitude of responsibilities. This is going to be one of the hardest things for me because these friends have helped shape me into the person I am today, and who knows how I’ll face the world without them.

Mostly, I’m not ready to miss all of the staff members that have made huge impacts on my life. These people became so much more than just teachers and administrators to me, they became role models and friends. It’ll be hard to go on without pep talks and motivational speeches from these people.

As these thoughts flood my mind, I realize that the day is upon me and I must begin to change my mindset into a positive and proactive one. All of us seniors must look forward to initiating a new chapter in our lives. The chapter which will lead us to the remainder of our lives.

So tomorrow, as I walk the halls, I’ll be looking around and thinking about all the memories I have at DHS. I’ll be giving out hugs and taking a few selfies with those close to me. I’ll be handing out thank you cards to those staff members I mentioned earlier. And I’ll be a charger for one last day.

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