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A huge facet of the 20Time learning experience is for students to keep public blogs tracking their progress.  Below are links to all of the students’ blogs, which are updated approximately every two weeks.  Check out a couple, leave a comment on the ones that interest you, and get connected with your classmates – they’re up to some really interesting things!

Students featured in the print story:

Erin Kreutzberg:

Jeffrey Searle:


Kelly DeRees:

Obadeh Mohiddin:

Sarah Hechlik:

Lisa Bonotto:


Ben Morgan:

Andrew Wong:

Brooke Coon:

Jochem VanOosten:

Shane Huisman:


Austen Zhu:

Carlee McGee:

Varun Shanker:

Pietro Fin:

Emily Nagel:

Anna Sebaly:


JJ Kirkman:

Audrey Moolenaar:

Mackenzie Pirie:

Connor Wilson:

Amy Sklenar:

Mary Claire Bassett:

Mary Noble:

Hayden Cederstrom:

Caroline Cifrulak:

Sofia Cupal:


Carly D’Alessandro:

Kayla Fournier:

Kylee Juday:

Steven Keptner:

Rachel LaFrance:

Sydney Laplow:

Jeremy Moore:


Eilah Nanney:

Kohki Nishida:


Elaina Parrillo:

Josh Pasek:

Emily Peterson:

Jill Poliskey:


Rachel Reardon:

Connor Reed:

Cindy Tae:

Laura Voss:

Christi Wohlford:

Leann Burlingame:

Carolyn Chang:

Julia Henry:

Jimmy Kennan:

Sarah Lather:

Kristina Martinski:

Griffin Metevia:


James Tonge:

Arlo Turpin:


Josh Zhao:

Helen Zhao:

Brigham Ostergaard:

Jasmine Purtell:

Austin Wilford:

Sarah Hirschi:

Sanjay Balijepalli:

Robyn Young:

Maddie Bowen:



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