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Social media is something that many students at DHS have, though it wasn’t always around. Twitter seems to be the very trendy thing in  recent years. It’s something that was created and almost made a necessity by trend. The trend has been to have social media and that’s partially why it took off, especially when celebrities started jumping on the band wagon and getting Twitter accounts as well. Although many students have different reasons for having Twitter accounts, ranging from political beliefs to parody accounts.

Students like junior Daniel Magno only got a Twitter so they could see what other people are tweeting. It’s a good way to stay connected with everyone especially when one isn’t able to see everyone on the weekends he suggested. He wants to know what his friends and colleagues are up to and it’s the simplest way to do so.

“I love being able to see what everyone is doing,” Magno said. “It’s like trying to market yourself to other people and it’s fun to watch what others post to try and get you to buy the idea of them.”

That’s another thing that social media has led, too. That is, the idea of people trying to sell themselves to everyone who follows them. It’s also a tool that celebrities use to market themselves. They will have someone run the account for them but under their name so that way they can sell the idea of themselves without any effort besides writing a check. They also do it to avoid unnecessary press and promote there brands.

Although other celebrities like Kayne West and Amanda Bynes have created quite a stir with their 140 characters. Students have all heard and seen some of the things that they have posted, some being insanely politically incorrect. Bynes has had some controversial tweets.

“Unlike ur fugly faced self I don’t do drugs U need the intervention dog! I met ur ugly face in person! U aren’t pretty and you know it,” Bynes tweeted at Rihanna.

Students love to watch the celebrities go at it when they go insane. From the tweets Kanye tweeted in the recent feud with Jimmy Kimmel to the apology to Taylor Swift after he called her out during the VMA’s.

“I think it’s hilarious when celebrities tweet crazy things,” junior Max Kidd said. “Whenever I’m bored I Google crazy things that celebrities have said and read them just for a laugh.”

It isn’t just celebrities who freak out either, if a student has a Twitter they have seen their own fair amount of fights on Twitter. Every weekend it’s possible to go on Twitter and see a new fight starting to brew.

“I have seen many students fight on twitter,” Magno said. “I find it entertaining but sometimes they take it way too far, it can be kind of hard to think of someone who hasn’t been involved in a Twitter fight in some way.”

The twittersphere as Kidd calls it can be very harsh and un-welcoming, but students still sign up anyway to stay up to date with friends and laugh at crazy celebrities.

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