What to do over semester break

As most students know the worst time of the year is exam time. Countless projects and tests to do on top of reviewing for the semester makes for a stressful two weeks. One great thing about first semester exams is that the students here at DHS get an extended weekend from Thursday to Sunday. This gives students time to recuperate from the stressful weeks and relax at home. However, some students don’t spend their weekend off at home, they spend it on the slopes.

There are many different ski hills and resorts that offer limited choices in skiing but still provide a great time. Now these hills are nothing like the Rockies but they are the only option for Midlanders to get some ski or snowboard action. There are also a difference in the types of skiers and snowboarders out on the slopes. Some of them are just day people who drive up for the day of skiing and then head home. Next there are cottage or cabin owners who own cabins anywhere from five to 30 minutes away. Lastly, surrounding cabins and hotels provided by the mountain or privately owned cabins that are at the base of the hill.

When heading to the slopes, there are many options on where to go to have the best time. The first stop would have to be Snow Snake. It is a smaller park that is perfect for those who want to drive a short distance and get in a beginner hill with a few runs. The terrain park is quite small as well usually only a few rails and boxes.

The next ski resort to look into is Crystal Mountain; it is around an hour and half away, but worth the trip. Also, Crystal Mountain offers cabins to be rented as well as hotel rooms, all at the base of the hill. Crystal Mountain is definitely a step up from Snow Snake with a higher number of runs as well as usually two terrain parks. It is a nice place to do tricks, carve the regular trails or test abilities in the woods.

“Crystal Mountain is definitely one of my top resorts here in Michigan, it just has the right number of options,” senior Tyler Whisler said.

Another great option for those who don’t mind driving the lengthy two and a half hours is Boyne Highlands. For those who have cabins close or just rent a room or condo, the Highlands offer some great activities ranging from the normal skiing and snowboarding to a zip line course and dog sledding. Overall it is a great resort with a lot of options. It can fit the needs of almost any skier or snowboarder and has plenty of options for shelter.

“Boyne Highlands is the best, I love going up to my cabin over break to ski with friends,” junior Becca Biltz said.

Biltz has a cabin located on Walloon Lake not too far from Boyne Highlands. Highlands is a great option for any skier able to make the trip.

All in all, there are plenty of ski hills to test in the state of Michigan, however, these are the few that are worth mentioning. Offering different elements with ranging options it made for a great list able to suit anyone. So before you sit at home all breaking eating junk food and watching Netflix, take at least a day to get outside, get on the slopes and make some memories.

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