The cost of Starbucks

Starbucks has been serving drinks in America for almost 45 years. It’s a common spot for avid coffee drinkers, but its menu also boasts a wide selection of other drinks. This selection is enticing to many customers, including students at DHS.

“I think Starbucks is awesome,” junior MacKenna Hartman said.

Hartman goes to Starbucks on average of three to four times per week, and absolutely loves the atmosphere.

“[The workers at Starbucks are] so sweet and nice,” Hartman said. “They always remember my name and know what I want.”

While it is popular among students at DHS, some believe it is not worth the money.

“I really like their lattes, but whenever I go through the drive-through I have to wait five to seven minutes and it’s really annoying,” junior Sofi Cupal said. “It’s pretty expensive and is only worth it sometimes.”

Cupal disagrees about the great costumer service.

“The customer service is pretty slow,” Cupal said. “The workers aren’t super nice, and not very time efficient.”

Hartman also admits the price is sometimes too high.

“It’s so tasty but it’s really expensive,” Hartman said.

However, Starbucks is not the only coffee joint that students visit.

“I go to Coffee Chaos sometimes, but Starbucks is better,” Hartman said.

Cupal enjoys going to coffee places and utilizing the quiet atmosphere for studying.

“I like Espresso Milano,” Cupal said. “Its downtown, and costs maybe about the same or a little less. I really like the atmosphere of it and it’s a really good place to do homework. The workers are the nicest people ever and it never takes long.”

Although some people feel the price is too high and the service too low, it all depends on personal preference. Starbucks remains a popular place for students to get coffee and other drinks, along with many other spots in Midland.



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