End of season hits home

The end of the season is always a hard hit, especially when so much effort and dedication was put into the sport. The boys varsity football team could not have been more depressed than on the night of last Friday, Nov. 8. With every run and touchdown made by the MHS football team accompanied by taunts from their student section, the decaying enthusiasm on the field was visible from the stands. With a final score of 56-28, DHS was once again defeated by cross-town rival MHS.

There’s nothing harder than watching the season end in such a harsh way. Loyal fans headed out to the field after the game to stand by their team. Hugs and handshakes were exchanged between teammates as well as parents and friends. As the boys returned to the locker room, tears presented themselves on many seniors’ faces, creating a powerful scene.

“I probably cried for about two days,” senior Wes Meyer said. “The hardest thing to adjust to is that it’s gone, and I have no more football to work for. This has been my entire life.”

Getting a second chance to face MHS was an unexpected treat. However, spending four years in a program and getting so close to becoming district champions is no easy thing to let go.

“I never wanted to finish my season knowing I lost to a single team through all of high school,” Meyer said. “With Midland and Mount Pleasant both, my generation has never won a single game.”

It’s always difficult to acknowledge that a sport career is over for those who won’t play in college. It hits home and quickly becomes a harsh reality. More importantly, the actions taken and effort contributed should be recognized as well. Winning eight games this season was quite an accomplishment for DHS football.

“I’m really happy how our team got as far as we did and that we’ve gotten a lot farther than a lot of Dow teams have,” senior Chase Quencer said. “We had good sportsmanship.”

Though there are sad times and unforgiving realizations, it’s always rewarding to look back on the highlights of a season. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

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