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Want to meet the roommate of your dreams? Every incoming college freshman wants the perfect roommate. gives an incoming college freshman the possibility to find a roommate that meets their preferences and expectations.
I had to go online to the website and register through Facebook. The website accesses my profile photo and then asks questions about myself and what would be an ideal roommate for me. Even though it asked for my Facebook account, the site doesn’t give anyone access to your profile or other information then the information you post on The questions are really specific and they ask how important certain characteristics are for my dream roomie. The website even asks what answers I would want my future roommate to say back to my questions and preferences. After submitting all my information, it only took several seconds to see who would be my perfect roommate match. I had pages and pages of roommate options to choose from. Every result was people who wanted the same things I did. I could click on their profile and view their preferences and see what town they are from.
The disadvantage to is that in order to see your result’s interests and likes, you have to pay twenty dollars to upgrade. I didn’t want to spend that much money on a website so I searched names on Facebook and contacted them via message. After contacting them, shortly after I got some responses from some possible roomies. I had the opportunity to chat with them and now I have some future roommate options! The advantage to is that they match you with who you really want. All the girls I messaged on Facebook have many common interests and thoughts about college.
I feel like without I’d feel less prepared and scared to see what college would be like to go in blind. It’s best to be careful about what information you post on because whatever you post on the internet stays on the internet. So when posting your information, please post stuff that you would want your “grandmother to see” because everyone will see what you write and will assume whatever actions you do will represents truly who you are. From what I’ve been told, college is about finding your true friends. If you are to ever make your own roomsurf account, be honest about whom you are, and you’ll find that roommate perfect for you.

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