Solutions for students struggling with spring break

Students think that unless they are going somewhere for Spring Break, then their break will be boring. However this is not necessarily true, for there are many different things that one can do if they are staying in Midland.

One of the possible things that a student can do is get ahead in all their studies. Although this may not sound like the most attractive option, this could be considered the most productive option. This is the time of the year where teachers are giving their final semester projects. Many of these projects involve the students to spend hours of doing strenuous research. Spring break is the perfect time to do this because students don’t have to go to school which means they won’t have any homework to do. Without homework, this leaves many hours of free time in which students can do research for their projects. By getting ahead in their projects; they won’t have to stress come time when the project is due. Also, since they have a week for spring break, they can break their research up into small increments which will also relieve stress.

“Since I’m not going anywhere for break, I might as well be productive and get some of my semester projects done,” junior Mark Debney said.

Another thing that students who stay home during spring break could do is practice for their spring sports. Having a week without having to attend school can be very beneficial to those playing sports. It allows them to have extra time to focus on a part of their game that needs work.

“I’m going to the driving range during break so I can fix some flaws in golf game,” senior Chris Dinh said. “That way I’ll be ready for when the school season starts.”

For some students, spring break could be potentially used for visiting colleges. A majority of colleges offer extra tours during spring break because they know that students now have extra time during the week day to explore their campus. This could be considered helpful towards students who getting ready to decide what college to go too.

“My mom is making me go on college tours during spring break because she wants me to start exploring some of the colleges I’m thinking about going to,” junior Vikram Shanker said.

A week of no school could also be spent by traveling, not out of the state, but instead down the state to one of the bigger malls. The lower part of Michigan is full of big malls that carry hundreds of brands of clothing. This could be helpful to students who are looking to get some new apparel in time for spring or summer.

“As a family, we are heading down to shop at the different malls around the state,” junior Derek Striker said. “I want to visit Somerset, Twelve Oaks, and maybe some of the outlet stores.”

One of the other more conventional ways of spending spring break is just relaxing and catching up with family. This doesn’t have to be done at on a vacation out of state; it can simply be done at home. During the school year, students spend a majority of their time at home doing homework or studying for a test. Because of this, they lose connection with their family. However, spring break gives them a chance to catch up with them.

Just because someone doesn’t go on a vacation to a different state or country doesn’t necessarily mean that their spring break will be boring. There are many productive and fun things that one can accomplish by staying home during break.

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