Video Game Report: Duck Life 4

Duck Life 4 seems shallow and stupid when a gamer takes their first look at the link. But the Duck Life dynasty is a growing online game. Duck Life 4 can seem shallow and stupid when a gamer takes their first look at the link. But the Duck Life dynasty is a growing online game. It can be found on multiple gaming website because of its recent popularity. At first I would refuse to play this game because the idea just seemed plain stupid. Due to boredom I finally gave in and played the game just to find out it wasn’t too shabby.

The goal of this game is to get ducks and train them to race. The idea is beyond stupid, but this game packs some heat early. When first starting the game it can catch the attention of the player pretty easily. It starts as an individual customizes their first duck by choosing it’s color and name. Then they must train their duck in different skills to race other ducks in various maps and tournaments. Every map has a new skill to learn. Some of these skills are energy, running, and flying. Those are only a few skills of many, however. For every map there are also a few solo ducks that someone can race or enter a tournament which is a nice change of pace. If they win these races they get money which they then can use to buy things for their duck or even buy a new duck. They have tons of colors someone can choose from which is another nice addition to the game.

Some things I liked about this game are the length of the game. I hate when I play a game for 10 minutes and I have beaten the game. That being said, an individual better be expecting to put some time into this game if they are planning on beating it. However they don’t have to put all that time in at once. The game automatically saves the progress which is a huge positive. This game provides a variety of maps which is nice. It makes it easier to play a game for a while if somesone does not have to look at the same backdrop the whole time. The ease of play is nifty as well. The mouse and arrow keys are all that is needed to have fun on this game. Anyone interested in this game, doesn’t have to be a computer genius or a video game fanatic to know how to play this game which makes it’s gameplay for anyone and everyone.

There were a few negatives while playing this game. The idea of the game is absolutely ridiculous which can make it somewhat hard to make someone play. This game requires that the player trains their duck a lot. Patience and a little bit of dedication can be the key to success because they will find themself doing the same training games over and over again. That being said the game is super repetitive which eventually repulsed me from it. The repetition made to game boring and drab after a while.

Overall I would say this game is a good game to play if someone  has an hour or so to spare every now and again. It’s a fun game that last long but can get a little boring.

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