The joy of being a second semester senior

All of my hard work in school has finally paid off.  The goal of finishing my childhood life with good enough grades to get into the college of my choice has finally come.  I am now a second semester senior, and have got accepted where I want to go to college. I have no worries in life.  I can take it easy for the next few months and relax before I hit the books in college.

Going through high school I have had many up and downs.  Sometimes I even felt that I’d only have good enough grades to go to a community college, which would be my last option.  The main thing is to never get to give up hope. Even if a student has one bad year or semester, it can be made up for in the following years and colleges will look past it and still accept them.  This is what happened to me.  Sophomore year I didn’t try hard in school and thought it was just a joke. That year had the worst grades I’ve ever had in my life.  My GPA took a huge dive and I felt Delta bound.  I had a lot of tough nights crying, thinking there was no hope.  I knew my parents would be so disappointed in me so I tried to hide my report card until one day they found out  and made me show them. 

They yelled at me and gave me the biggest lecture I’ve ever had in my life.  I cried what seemed like for hours but knew them finding out would help me get back on track and start trying.  The following years came much easier to me.  All it takes for someone to do well in school is for them to apply themself.  If they do their homework and get help from a teacher or friend if they don’t understand material you should always get A’s and B’s. 

“Talking to a teacher helps a lot so he understands how you learn so he can teach you more effectively.” said Junior Michael Carey.

 The main reason kids do badly in high school is because they either have too much going on after school, or because they’re just too lazy to do their homework.    

“When I’m playing a sport I do better in school because the less free time I have the more I focus,” said junior Josh Tomsich

Now being a second semester senior who’s been accepted where I want to go I have no worries in life.  It seems everything is falling in the right places.  I have so much to look forward to but little to do now which makes my life perfect.  This is the joy of being a second semester senior.

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