Popping the question to prom

It’s that time of the year that guys start to think about someone they might want to take to prom.  That someone could be a girl you have a thing with or just a girl you think is cute and if you build up the courage,you can get them to be your date to prom .  Just make sure you engage in some conversation with the girl before you ask because you don’t want the first words you ever say to her to be “will you go to prom with me?”.

 Basically if you talk to a girl a lot and she’s a nice person she’s going to say yes. Just make sure she doesn’t like or have a thing with another guy or you might be out of luck.  Even if you are sure a girl is going to say yes to you, it’s important that you ask her in a creative and original way. 

Some of the ways that most people ask girls to prom these days include; writing on a girls car and filling it with balloons, making a scavenger hunt for them until they find something asking them, or doing something that involves the spring sport that they’re in. Now, even though these ways are pretty creative they are used a lot and aren’t as much fun for the girl. This is because she doesn’t seem as special or as important because other girls are getting asked the same way as her.

You have to be original.  Find something special out about the girl that she really likes and incorporate that into a way that you ask her.  For example, if the girl you are going to ask a girl is really into poetry maybe you should write her a poem, but don’t make it to weird or you will just come off as creepy.  One simple way to ask a girl to prom is by asking her to go out to eat  or to go on a walk somewhere and surprise her with a picnic for the two of you and after a nice meal pop the question and I will guarantee you a yes.

Don’t let the fear of rejection ruin your plans to go to prom with your dream girl.  It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  Most guys are too scared and never ask a girl so even if you get rejected at least you have the guts to give it a shot.  Taking a risk goes a long way in a girls mind and would be something they will not forget.  Even if you do get rejected at least the girl will be thinking of you, which may lead to something down the road.

It’s all about confidence and a little time to get to know a girl and think about how you want to ask her.  Prom is all about having fun and its more fun with a date.  So take a chance to ask someone and you’ll have a great time with your prom date.

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