Tigers in town

Some of the Detroit Tigers were in town Friday, January 25 at the Midland Center for the Arts for a rally-like questioning about their upcoming season. Among the players there were catcher Alex Avila, Al Albuquerque, Quinton Berry, and Jhonny Peralta who all received warm welcomes from the fans.

Right from the get go the mood was lightened with comical questions and comments from audience members and funny, witty answers by the players and coaches. Whether it was a man saying Prince Fielder is too fat and letting the Tigers coaching staff know that he won’t be able to play much longer if he doesn’t lose weight, or Avila saying squatting is his least favorite exercise, or a four-year-old boy saying that he was going to be a pitcher when he grows up, the mood of the rally was positive.

The rally included highlights of the 2012 season, an appearance of the 2012 American League Championship trophy, prizes for randomly selected audience members, and a complimentary hot dog lunch.

Honored at the event was a 100-year-old fan who received a t-shirt and a hug from Quinton Berry, and Jayden Lamb and his family who received a specially-made jersey with his name on it.

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