Traveling for the holidays

The holidays are usually known as a time to relax, stay home, and enjoy everything that the Christmas season brings. Some people can’t even imagine what Christmas morning would be like if they woke up in a hotel room instead of their bed. Other people don’t have a choice as to if they travel for Christmas or not.

For sophomore Audrey Moolenaar, she will experience a different Christmas this year because her family will be going to Orlando, Florida for break.

“I’m kind of sad to be gone for Christmas break because there won’t be any snow and we won’t have our Christmas tree up at home,” Moolenaar said.

Being away from home on Christmas offers a whole new experience. Some people find that it’s better to go somewhere warm and get away from their city, while others cherish the memories of being home for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

If going to church on Christmas Eve is a big tradition it might be difficult to find a church that won’t be super busy on Christmas Eve to go to.

There is just so much that staying home for the holidays offers that traveling doesn’t. Sure it can be relaxing to lay out by the pool somewhere warm, but isn’t Christmas about spending time with family and friends and celebrating the birth of Jesus?

The true reason of Christmas tends to be overlooked with people scrambling to get last minute presents or trying to book a flight to someplace warm. Traveling just kind of ruins the spirit of Christmas. Being home on Christmas really makes for memories of each year and if people aren’t home and don’t get to experience waking up Christmas morning at home it kind of defeats the purpose.

Plane tickets are expensive especially around the holidays so if someone wants to see their family on Christmas day then they either have to purchase a ticket for them or give up on being with them.

Moolenaar will be away from her family this year, too, since they will not be traveling with her family to Florida.

“We usually see my grandparents for Christmas but we won’t see them this year,” Moolenaar said.

Staying home for Christmas and the holidays offers a more memorable experience than traveling.





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