Friendships of a lifetime

Friendship.  A word that can mean so much, and also so little. Friendship is a unique relationship between people in which they can feel they can be true to their self. A relationship with trust, honesty and a great time should be what people want their friendship to be made of. Friendship can be taken serious or it can all just be thrown away, considering if that happens it was probably a fake one.

It seems like many people these days have best friends. Considering the fact that there are 313 million people in the U.S. there are plenty of people to choose from as a best friend.  From surveys, a lot of the friendships occurring now are related to the past friendships that were made beforehand.

“We have been best friends ever since we were born, fifteen years,” sophomore Hannah Frazier said. “Our brothers, mothers, and fathers are all very good friends. That’s part of what makes Sarah and I as close as we are. We bring out the best in each other’s personalities.”

Or just by being related by family, parents being friends or even other siblings can spark a friendship.

“We are cousins and best friends from the very beginning when we were born,” senior Jessica Sczepantski said. “Our friendship will continue forever considering we are family.”

Best friends tell each other everything and when the day is done they always will have each other’s back. Best friends can count on each other no matter what, they know they will help them whenever wherever they need them to do. That’s what’s so special about having this relationship. Everyone should get the chance or have a best friend; that’s just a relationship that can’t break apart.

“My best friend, he’s my rock, we are unwavering,” senior Andy Lundhal said.

It is important to have a best friend. Without having someone to talk to, trust, have fun with, people with issues or things bugging them would not have a “safety.” A best friend can be like a “safety” keeping a person safe and out of harm from suicide, illnesses, low self-esteem and others could occur while continuing without one.

Best friends make memories that last.

“I’ll never forget when another friend and I pranked my best friend, Mason Hayes, and went around telling everyone that there were free hot dogs at his house,” sophomore Alec Marty said. “Soon, everyone started showing up there, it was so funny”.

A little advice from friendships everywhere, do keep them. Most won’t regret having those relationships throughout life.

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