Macek temporarily becomes administrator

By Megan Bartlett
staff writer

While some people might not know, DHS assistant principal Brian Frankovich is away on leave, meaning some administrative reshuffling had to take place. Longtime co-assistant Principal Ted Davis slid into Frankovich’s role while retired former elementary school Principal Dan Macek joined the DHS staff on an interim basis to fill Davis’ job.

Macek came to DHS about a week before the Midland/Dow around mid-October and emphasizes the fact that he’s only filling in for Davis for about six to eight weeks or until about the time of the holidays. He has Davis’ role instead of Frankovich’s because it’s easier to fill on a temporary basis.

“There was some movement around with the administrators, and being more familiar with policies and procedures and everything, Mr. Davis took a different position than me,” Macek said. “To say I’m taking someone else’s spot really isn’t true, we just shifted responsibilities a little bit.”

Macek has had previous experience with other schools, and recently retired from Adams Elementary, where he was principal for 10 years. Before Adams, Macek was principal at JMS for six years. Prior to being an MPS administrator, he taught in Pinconning.

“After 37 years of education I retired, and hadn’t really worked in high school, so when I was called and asked if I would consider this opportunity, that sounded like something good to do,” Macek said. “Dow’s a great school, with a lot of tradition, a tradition of excellence, so I said I’d come over here and give it a try.”

The difference between being an administrator at a high school versus an elementary school is a completely different experience for him. Macek remembers a time when the kids at Adams that would always come up to him and hug him and say “hi,” while, kids are more standoffish in a high school setting. But, he thinks students show their respect for him in different ways.

“They’re very welcome and warm in introducing themselves, so it’s been a fun experience,” Macek said.

Filling in for Davis as an assistant principal means completing many tasks each day, like checking student attendance sheets, looking at academic pieces, working with disciplinary action and academic planning.

“Those are some of the easier things to step into as an interim,” Macek said.

Macek’s definition of discipline is not to be the “hammer” on someone, but to look at a situation and analyze how to solve the problem faced.

“A lot of what I look at are how I can solve whatever problem there is, whether it’s academic, social, or disciplinary,” Macek said. “If a person’s behavior is their problem, then they have to look at how they can change their behavior.”

Macek also explains the challenges of being at DHS for such a short period of time and not being able to see things progress.

“Sometimes in the short term, it’s just about helping students realize what their potential is and what they can do to make themselves a better student, which in turn makes DHS a better place and a focused environment,” he said.

Macek looks forward to his short time at DHS and hopes to have a large impact on students. He admits that he’s very impressed with electrifying Charger SPIRIT and is happy that DHS treats new people so well.

“This is an exciting place to be. I’m very impressed with the enthusiasm, the academic behavior of this school, the athletic power and this school in general,” Macek said. “It’s a great place to be, and that Charger SPIRIT is something to behold.”

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