Booster Club raises money for athletics

By Joey Sleeper & Ben Zank
staff writers

With the MPS school district’s budget becoming smaller every year, DHS sports programs continually need to look for new sources of funds. One of the biggest contributors of these new funds annually is the DHS All Sports Booster Club.

This year, the Booster Club gave $37,004.00 to sports teams that had requests for various items. This money was raised primarily through the Booster Club’s three major fundraisers: Charger coupon cards that DHS athletes are encouraged to sell in the fall, the Casino night in the winter and the Booster Club Spaghetti dinner held in the spring. In addition to helping teams purchase equipment and accessories that they could not otherwise afford, the Booster Club also provides monetary support for coach’s clinics and student scholarships.

“Though the assistance has always shielded the school system from some of the costs of operating a wide variety of sports, we now rely on the Booster Club to really help keep athletics afloat,” Mark Pickering, coach of the DHS varsity and junior varsity boys’ golf teams said. “Their hard work has tangibly given opportunities to kids that may have otherwise been cut.”

Pickering also added that in years past the Booster Club has provided funding for golf balls and golf bags for his teams.

Booster Club members not only help provide funds for DHS sports, they also volunteer their own time for them. Recently, the club hosted their annual spaghetti dinner in the DHS cafeteria to raise thousands of dollars. Many of these volunteers are parents with children who play on DHS sports teams.

The hard work by parents does not go unnoticed by coaches.

“We preach teamwork in sports, and that’s just what I see in the Booster Club; parents working together as a team to provide great opportunities for every student-athlete in the school,” Pickering said. “I appreciate all the behind the scenes contributions of the Booster Club.”

DHS Athletic director Bob Wellman also expressed gratitude for the assistance given to DHS athletics by the Booster Club.

“They have donated a lot of money for little things, including pom poms, ice time and baseballs,” Wellman said. “Our sources are limited, and without the Booster Club, all the little things wouldn’t be taken care of.”

The Booster Club has many reasons to step up to the plate and provide funds for the continuation of DHS athletics.

“Athletics does so much to build character, leadership skills, time management skills and confidence,” Booster Club member Susan Arent said. “It would be a shame to take this away from our students and coaches who have worked hard to build first class teams.”

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