School cracks down on inappropriate dress

By Jon Russell
staff writer

Spring brings many new activities and positive emotions as Michigan moves out of winter, but it also brings up a common problem in schools: inappropriate dress. The warmer weather puts the whole staff of DHS on alert for dress code violations.

The dress code may not seem like it has been enforced throughout the year, but the long cold winter wasn’t ideal for spaghetti straps and short shorts. According to DHS Assistant Principal Ted Davis, the dress code is somewhat seasonal and to this point hasn’t been much of an issue.

“I haven’t had really problems this year,” Davis said. “It’s the time of the year really, it’s a cycle.”

Davis believes the dress code is a hard thing to enforce. With around 1,500 students at DHS, it is hard for the administration to see
every student. To change this, he asks for help from the teachers to enforce the dress code and to report students who do not want to comply with the rules.

“It’s a team effort really,” Davis said. “We need the support of teachers, other staff members and the students.”

According to the MPS handbook, the staff has the authority to decide what is appropriate and what is not, as well as having the power to ask for student cooperation if they feel their dress effects the educational climate. If the students do not cooperate, disciplinary action will take place.

Every time there is a dress code violation, a certain protocol is followed.

“When I see someone who is dressed in a way that doesn’t meet the dress code, I ask them to cover up with a sweatshirt,” Davis said. “If they don’t have a sweatshirt I let them know they can leave and go home and change.”

The dress code may seem ridiculous to some, but Davis wants kids to remember one thing.

“The main reason for the dress code is so that there are no disruptions to the educational process,” Davis said.

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