Jazz bands hold concert

By Kikki Lone
staff writer

Both jazz bands, under the direction of Steve DeRees, performed at the Central Middle School auditorium on Mar. 3 beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The first ensemble to perform was Jazz Band 2, who opened with an upbeat and lively “Jailhouse Rock.” The song featured a tenor saxophone duet by Curtis Novak and Christine Mialki and a guitar solo by Kevin Eckstein.

Their second song slowed things down with a number titled “Blues Machine.” Other songs included “Blue and Moody,” “Más Que Nada,” “Louie Louie” and “Final Drive” with solo acts from Nathan Schell on trumpet, Jonathan Mitchell on trombone, Kimball Ostergaard on Barry saxophone, Keenan Hammer, Paige Miller and Courtney Lambesis on alto saxophone, Ben Monticello and Daniel Engwis on the drum kit and Ryan Gallant on bassoon.

Jazz Band 1 began their set with a quick tune called “Lester Leaps In.” They continued their showcase with songs including “Firestar,” “Moon Dance,” “The Stripper” and “Tiger of San Pedro.” Featured on piano and vocals for “Don’t Know Why” was Morgan Wynne. Other soloists included Philip Carney on tenor saxophone, Jake Randall on trombone, Ben Greenberg on the drum kit, Kevin Bays on alto saxophone, Rob Malecki on Barry saxophone and Eric Podhorez on trumpet.

The band showcased many of the songs that they have previously played at jazz conferences including Central Michigan University jazz weekend.

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