Charger rallies a worthwhile tradition

By Cayden Royce
staff writer

“Attention students, it’s Chaaaarger rally time!”

Consequently, the DHS school song starts blaring over the announcements and confused students get out of their seats during fourth hour for a perceived waste of five minutes of class time to support a club or team going to a state final. The enacting of this new school policy at the beginning of the 2010 school year aims to enhance school spirit at DHS. This occasional occurrence takes precedence over class activities and is not supported by some teachers for taking away precious class time.

But, how do the first five minutes of class, usually used for taking attendance and small tasks affect the learning experience? Becoming aware of how the athletes and club members at DHS are talented exudes an overall feeling of pride and honor to all students supporting this new tradition. The major message that this rally event is providing is the recognition of athletes and club members for working hard and having the abilities to exceed in further tournament rivalries. Although these rallies probably will not determine DHS first place in these particular events, rallies make everything more fun. The support and positive energy received by the athletes or club members walking down the hall emits a good feeling to all in general.

Most of the time, students have no idea that a team is going to a state competition in the first place. Students will ask around the
crowd to find out what is going on and who they are about to clap and cheer for. This is a great example of how the school needs to be more informed about important events that are happening at DHS.

It seems like when talk of getting rid of DHS and eventually turning it into a larger middle school rumors arose , Principal Pam Kastl implemented new ways to get people pumped up about the school. It could simply be her personality as an executive to DHS but some evidence proves otherwise. The traditions that have been brought back like the Homecoming parade, bonfires before football games in the fall and more involvement with the school are almost like preludes to the closure of our beloved high school.

After all, high school should be some of the best years of a student’s life. Small rallies that give teams and clubs school spirit should be carried on in all upcoming state championships. Taking a few minutes out of a school day is a good break during class to cheer on fellow pupils in major sports and club competitions.

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