Ban on food and drink in halls enforced

By Andrew Frank
staff writer

In early March, administrators started enforcing a policy restricting students from eating and drinking in the hallways during lunch, affecting students who take to the halls during their lunch period. Administrators started this rule second semester of last year due to the increase in spills, food and trash in the halls.

The punishment for breaking the food and drink policy can range from a simple warning to potential suspension, depending on the number of times the rules have been broken. Teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators are patrolling the halls looking for students in violation of the policy.

Some students say that the rule is unfair because they would rather not eat in the cafeteria.

“I believe the new food and drink policy in the halls is great because I’ve noticed a big change in the amount of clutter in the halls, but I don’t like that I’m stuck in the cafeteria during lunch,” freshman Ian Peterson said.

Peterson feels it’s unfair that students who pick up their trash and respect the hallways are not given the choice to eat in the halls during lunch.

“I’ve never left a mess in the hallways, yet I’m not allowed to eat there, I just don’t see how that’s fair,” Peterson said
Administrators have seen a big change in the quality of the halls and are satisfied with the results.

“The policy is in place because trash in the halls became a problem,” Assistant Principal Ted Davis said. “When parents and guests visit the school we want them to see clean hallways because it shows that we take pride in our school and hold ourselves to high standards.”

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