School institutes new security policy

By Liam Zanyk McLean

DHS administrators informed students of new security policies today in response to an October incident that occurred on school grounds. The new policy will take effect on Monday.

The new policy restricts students from entering the school before 7 a.m. unless accompanied by a teacher. It also mandates that students who do not a have seventh hour class leave campus by 2:45 p.m., and students with a seventh hour by 3:45. Students attending an after school function or activity are permitted to stay, as long as they are under supervision of a teacher.

Principal Pam Kastl sent a letter to DHS parents saying that she is “not permitted to comment on the specific details” of the incident, but the new policies were put in place in response to it. She went on to say that the October incident was resolved “within three hours” and that the student who was involved in the incident will not be allowed back at DHS.

“The whole point is to keep students safe,” Assistant Principal Ted Davis said.

Administrators won’t allow students to wander the halls after school and will encourage students to go to the media center, which will continue to open at 7 a.m. and close at 4 p.m.

“Are you going to be suspended if you roam the halls? No,” Davis said. “But we want to make sure students are aware of the new policy.”

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