Additions to mascot proposed

By Brandon Sklenar
staff writer

For years, DHS Chargers have been referred to as “Doughboys” because of the amount of wealth that supposedly flows through the high school. DHS embraced this nickname, even going as far as obtaining a costume replicating the Pillsbury Doughboy, which would become the face of DHS for years to come.

With recent administrative changes, there have been thoughts of changing the DHS mascot by adding to the current Doughboy.

“There certainly aren’t any plans to get rid of the Doughboy,” Assistant Principal Ben Cronkright said. “The discussion was to bring on a possibility of another mascot that’s more Charger-like. It could be used at sporting events in particular, because it would be more in line with what our true mascot is.”

That idea has already been put into action, as presentations have been given by Carol Lewin’s Commercial Art class, which proposed what the future mascot will look like.

“They’ve been looking at multiple mascots across the country, whether they’re Chargers or Knights or something similar,” Cronkright said.

This decision will take time and will ultimately come down to the student body.

“I wouldn’t be surprised that if in the future, as in possibly next fall, you see an additional mascot with a primary focus on sporting events,” Cronkright said.

But, deciding on a mascot is harder than it seems, as the process has encountered multiple stumbling blocks.

“Another difficulty that they’ve talked about is trying to create a mascot costume that’s going to be not only intimidating and mean, but at the same time have it be approachable to kids,” Cronkright said.

Anticipation is rising for the new mascot and the outcome may be equally rewarding.

“That’s why the class is taking their time, to make sure it’s perfect,” Cronkright said.

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