Senior Yearbook Photo Submission Confirmation

Senior photos submitted via the Google Form ( have been reviewed and below is the link to the list of seniors and confirmations.

Please note that both the “Picture Received” as well as “Copyright Release Received” columns need to have “Yes” in the cell. If you have a “No” in the copyright column, emails are going to start going out on December 2 with information on why there is a “No” if you submitted the form. In most instances, a print release was provided which does not provide a release for publication unless the photographer has explicitly stated in the document that Dow High School has permission to publish in the yearbook. Another reason for a “No” would be if the form was completed by someone who was not the photographer. The release can ONLY come from the photographer.

If you have nothing listed in either column, no image was submitted on your behalf. Please contact your photographer right away and have that person complete the form We will only have a short window of time for late submissions to be accepted for the yearbook.

Senior Photo Submission Confirmation

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